Parcel TMS Technology

Simplify Your Logistics With Parcel Shipping Software

It's time to take the stress out of your business shipping! We understand that cost savings and shipping efficiency is your everything. That’s why we built my澳门威尼斯人直营网站™, our transportation management system (TMS) that allows you to streamline your logistics with ease. Our TMS technology was designed for growing businesses like yours in mind, helping you simplify your shipping logistics — and save time and money in the process. my澳门威尼斯人直营网站 can be tailored to your business' unique needs, helping you quickly create UPS® shipments and manage them from start to finish. We can also get you up and running quickly and can transfer your address book from your current TMS. We make it easy!


What is a parcel TMS?

A transportation management system (commonly referred to as a TMS) is a type of software that helps you track and manage your company's transportation processes. With a TMS like my澳门威尼斯人直营网站™, you can quickly compare shipping rates and services, book and track shipments, prepare documentation, analyze your shipping activity and so much more. If you're looking for an easy-to-use TMS to help simplify your business shipping, you've come to the right place. As a 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 customer, you can easily access our free parcel shipping tools online - and with nothing to install, it's quick and easy to get started, wherever you do business.

Simple Technology + Expert Support = Seamless Parcel Shipping

By leveraging the combined shipping volume of our 125,000+ customers, we can help you get great rates on your small package shipping. And with 30+ years of experience supporting growing businesses like yours - not to mention our expertise as part of the nation's largest non-retail Authorized Reseller of UPS shipping services - it's no wonder 澳门威尼斯人直营网站 is the go-to third-party logistics (3PL) provider for SMBs. With access to affordable UPS shipping services, plus the UPS shipping tools you need to get your packages on the road with ease, we've got everything you need to supercharge your small package shipping strategy.

Meet my澳门威尼斯人直营网站: Our Parcel Shipping Software

Save time and money

Save time and money on your small package shipping

my澳门威尼斯人直营网站 offers plenty of features to help you save time and money on your business shipping. We designed our TMS with SMB shippers like you in mind, making it quick and painless to access great UPS rates and services for your business shipping.

Track all your shipments

Keep track of all your shipments with one simple platform

With one easy-to-use tool for all of your freight and small package shipping, our online TMS is the one-stop shop you've been waiting for to simplify your logistics. Access all of your shipment tracking information on the same simple platform you use to quote and book your shipments.

Gain greater visibility

Gain greater visibility into your shipping activity

Making smarter decisions about your shipping strategy starts by having realtime access to all of your logistics data. With one comprehensive dashboard (and one invoice!) for all of your shipping logistics, my澳门威尼斯人直营网站 makes it easier to analyze your spend and make informed decisions about your shipping in real time.

Take Our TMS and E-commerce Solutions for a Test Ride

Thousands of e-commerce shippers like you leverage our my澳门威尼斯人直营网站 TMS to save money and time. Our API integrations allow my澳门威尼斯人直营网站 to connect with your custom-built TMS, ERP platform and warehouse management system. This provides a streamlined shipping experience and shows real-time shipping rates within Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce shopping cart plugins at the point of sale. Our TMS makes shipping easy, efficient and cost-effective!

Ready to learn more and start shipping smarter? Reach out to our shipping experts.